Careers session for PhD and postdocs

We ran another successful postgraduate and postdoctoral careers session during this year’s postgraduate conference on 19 March. Unfortunately two of our (male) speakers had to cancel at the last minute, but our remaining three speakers did an excellent job:

Chance favours the prepared mind: Careers in and from Biology
Karen McGregor, University of St Andrews
PhD – Microbiology (University of Western Australia)
Current – Equality and Diversity Awards Adviser at the University of St Andrews

Public Engagement with Research – career boost, sanity mode and exit strategy
Alina Loth, University of St Andrews
PhD – Marine Biology (University of St Andrews)
Current – Public Engagement Officer for Science at the University of St Andrews

Enjoy the Journey
Sara Rankin, Imperial College London
PhD – Pharmacology (Kings College, London)
Current – Professor of Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology at Imperial College London

Speakers showed the multitude of career paths available from a Biology PhD or postdoc. Feedback for the session was positive with several comments such as “interesting finding out different career paths that speakers have taken”, “I honestly think this session was very well organised and would love to see a similar session next year”, “Nice to have a reality check like this once in a while! Great to have some context and “zoom out”.”

This year, speakers also recommended various web-based resources for students/post-docs to look at such as: