Workload model and our annual E&D report for 2017

One of our E&D actions is to conduct an annual review of E&D data for the school.  We have just completed our annual report for 2017.  This report checks E&D concerns for a variety of facets of the school – monitoring gender differences in applications, appointments, staff, committee representation, workload model data and seminar series in the school.  Our E&D officer scrutinises these to check that there are no observable inequalities in research, teaching and service.

This year’s report, together with staff discussion of the workload model at the June 2018 staff council meeting, has provided several suggestions to further improve our workload model :

  • incorporate a consistent and transparent approach for calculating external service
  • discontinue ranking staff, but provide information in terms of whether staff are working above or below average
  • consider presentation of data as variation in number of hours from the mean, to allow staff to see how they deviate from the average

The Biology E&D officer’s annual report 2017 can be viewed here (for St Andrews staff only).