Postgraduate careers event

On 23rd January 2018, the post-graduate members of the BE&D committee hosted our second annual Postgraduate Careers Event as part of the Biology Postgraduate Research Conference. Our intention was to highlight the diversity of careers available post-PhD, and this year (following last year’s feedback asking for more talks on working in industry and science communication), we had talks from:

Dr Sascha Hooker, Committee Chair: Welcome and Introduction

Dr Rafael da Silva: Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr Katrina Falkenberg: Science Communication

Dr Lauren Guillette: Fellowships & Lectureships

Dr Chris Leakey, Scottish Natural Heritage: Working in Policy

Dr Iain Matthews: University Teaching

Dr Silvia Paracchini: Biomedical Research

The 80 attendees (both postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers) valued the session highly. We have received many positive comments (both via feedback forms and personal comments after the event). The diversity of career choices the speakers talked about was valued by all, with several students commenting that they would be happy with many of these career options, and some staff commenting that perhaps they should move to industry! The panel discussion was also very much appreciated—discussion points included the perceived necessity for an itinerant postdoc lifestyle, challenges with switching between career paths, and strategies for finding mentors.

Many thanks to Jess Haghkerdar and Natalie Sinclair for organising this year’s event, to all of our speakers, and to attendees for discussion and feedback. We look forward to improving the event even further for PhD students and postdocs next year.