Athena Swan application highlight: Changes in promotions procedure

In Oct 2015, BE&D reviewed the University’s promotion procedures and, together with the School of Psychology’s E&D committee, produced a joint paper to the Principal’s office. A number of changes were made as a direct result of this review, including:

  • removing the requirement for a minimum of two international references for Reader/Professor, given the potential discrimination against those less able to travel;
  • removing the rule that unsuccessful applicants should not apply in the following year, which would potentially discourage suitable, but cautious, applicants.

Within Biology, recommendations (encompassing enhancements in appraisal, career advice, and application guidance) were also passed to Management Group, and subsequently implemented. A gender-balanced School promotions panel (2F:2M) was initiated in 2016 to provide constructive feedback on promotion applications.

Our promotions success has improved dramatically from 55% (2012-16) to 89% (2017), with three women promoted to Professor in 2017.