Athena Swan application highlight: Committee turnover policy

Committee turnover policy (excerpt from our submission)                             

Goal: unbiased representation for committee members and chairs

Action: Development of an advisory tenure for committee chairs (3-5 years dependent on committee) and policy for opening up positions to new applicants:

  1. Advertisement by email and/or weekly newsletter.
  2. Explicit consideration of full staff list (to avoid implicit bias) and encouragement (via email) of individuals to apply.
  3. Final decision based on consideration of workload model and gender makeup.

We have improved gender balance throughout several committees, with 4 female:5 male committee chairs (2016) compared to 1 female:8 male chairs (2014).

Management group composition (which consists of committee chairs and research centre directors) has changed from 5 female:9 male (2015) to 7 female:7 male (2017).