Athena Swan application highlight: Unconscious bias

Unconscious bias (excerpt from our submission)

In 2016 we increased frequency of monitoring of staff training completion, sending bi-monthly reminders to staff who had not undertaken relevant modules. We have increased uptake:

  • Bias training increased from 17% (2015) to 76% (2017) of the School (now including PhD students). “very useful and eye-opening…has had positive impacts on my understanding of fairness” – feedback from postgraduate student.
  • Recruitment training increased from 43% (2015) to 100% (2017) of academic staff.

New interview refresher: prior to convening interview panels for staff and student recruitment, BE&D chair requests staff involved to review the university website about unconscious bias and to watch two short videos about bias:

Royal Society video: Understanding Unconscious Bias

EU Institucio CERCA video: Recruitment Bias in Research Institutes

Refreshing just prior to interviewing is a really good idea“ – feedback from male Professor.