The SOI Early Careers Network welcome day

Over the summer of 2017, young scientists at the Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI) set up an early careers network (ECN) within the department to discuss project ideas, share resources and learn from others’ experiences within research. The group has been incredibly successful, with over 50 members on the mailing list and meetings once or twice a week to address whatever our members feel they currently need help with, providing a responsive support system with a relaxed, friendly environment.


Last week we held a welcome day for all the new post doctoral researchers, PhD and Masters Students arriving at the SOI in St Andrews this autumn. Our afternoon meeting aimed to give people a feel of a typical weekly discussion session, and 20 people came along to talk about academic writing, from its challenges to top tips for maximising productivity. In the evening we then held an informal meet and greet in a local St Andrews pub, giving everyone a chance to properly introduce themselves. The two events were very successful and hopefully the ECN will be a great source of feedback, help or new friends for all the early career scientists starting at the SOI this academic year!


If you are interested in coming along to our meetings, please let us know. We have a website that features all the details of our upcoming meetings, or you can email Kelly Robinson or Izzy Langley to be added to the mailing list.