Bring your kids to work day

3290_originalOn Thursday 5 May, the Biology Department held its first “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”.  An in-service day for local schools (the teachers work but the kids have a day off), this is often tricky for working parents.  Instead of trying to find childcare solutions, or work from home, this year we brought kids to work with us and they spent a morning in the Department.

They spent part of this as sleuths in the Bell-Pettigrew Museum – racing to complete a taxonomic treasure hunt there.  Then after a snack and a drink, they were shown the intricacies of lecturing, and scored presentations given by Maria on Symbiosis and Will on How the Banana Evolved to be Curly… because the dinosaurs ate all the straight ones, of course!  Our intrepid bunch even prepared some powerpoint slides themselves and gave some excellent mini-lectures!

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