The original pilot resource was developed by Stuart Norcross (Computer Science) and Steve Smart (Biology/Medicine).  As the pilot went well we have extended our collaboration into a service called ‘synergy’.  This is principally available to staff and students working with the School of Biology.

Research Groups tend to need sites which, as well as being clean and professional, can be very dynamic, even conversational, and easily updated.  Sometimes groups want to be able to have multiple authors.

We would like to help to these requirements while a maintaining a connection with the main School site, and making content in a form which allows information from research group feeds to give an impression of day-to-day research and outreach cavities right across the School.

The idea of synergy is to provide a resource which can be used to host small, dynamic websites and blogs for Research Groups, and create news feeds which can be pushed upstream for consumption by Centres, Schools, and the wider world.

The platform for the project is WordPress, which is familiar to millions of authors, and widely used globally.