Here team members present their favourite moments from our 2018 Antarctic expedition. This is the third batch.

Kirsten: “Getting up close to penguins was a definite highlight of the trip for me, I’ve been obsessed with them ever since I was tiny and saw them at Edinburgh Zoo. Seeing them in their natural habitat has definitely made me have a newfound respect for these little guys – watching them climb up ice-covered slopes to reach their colonies blew my mind! “

Becks: “My favourite moment is the beach on Deception Island, where Clare and I decided to simply sit down next to a group of Antarctic fur seals. We spent nearly twenty minutes watching the seal on the left dream; it was remarkable seeing something so peaceful in a place that not very long ago was dominated by the whaling industry.”

Mikhail: “My favourite moment of the trip was when after 20 minutes of still waiting, camera in hand, the Weddell seal finally moved. To see how content the seal looked during this simple scratching motion, I knew: This is my spirit animal.”

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