Here team members present their favourite moments from our 2018 Antarctic expedition. This is the second batch.

Diana: “ I had a lot of fun watching these curious fur seals check out our zodiac.”

Madlaina: “Watching the penguins stumble, belly-flop, face-plant and slide down hills was one of my favourite parts of the trip. The videos I took of them will forever provide me with a source of entertainment.”

Sonja: “Those of us who climbed the ridge above Neko Harbour had a truly Antarctic experience: an incredible icy landscape, blizzard conditions interspersed with sunshine, with our floating home visible just beyond the brash ice…”

Nathalie: “”Seeing Killer whales for the first time in my life immediately made me forget about having to leave Antarctica a day early.” (photo by Lisa Neyman)

Lucy: “The entire trip to Antarctica is my favorite moment, but if I’m being forced to choose one in particular to encapsulate my excitement, it would have to be the visit to Museo Acatushun. It was fascinating to see such a massive collection of skeletons from a variety of different species, especially one of only ten specimens of the Hector’s beaked whale skeletons. Being an anatomy enthusiast, I was more than happy to spend multiple hours perusing the museum and “bone house”. Bones are cool!”

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