Here team members present their favourite moments from our 2018 Antarctic expedition.

Rachel: “It was the first morning we woke up in Antarctica and went up to the bridge. For me, it was the WOW moment that I had imagined for so long :)”

Kirsty: “Penguins have always been my favourite animal for as long as I can remember, so finally getting to interact with them in their home on the Antarctic continent was everything I dreamed it could be, and so much more!”

Lisa: “Picking a favorite moment from our trip is difficult when we were surrounded by scenes like this one. This particular image captures three elements of the calendar-esque scenery: a pair of relaxing humpback whales, a massive piece of ice , and, if you look closely, a seal snoozing on that ice. Looks like a great napping place to me!”

Rowan: ”My favourite Antarctica moment was watching the young group of fur seals playing in the water on Deception Island because they were pretty much just a group of water puppies fighting. (photo by Mikhail Barabanov)

Sam: “”The light at the end of our final day in Antarctica was spectacular”. (photo by Mikhail Barabanov)

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