Research in Biological Science

Research in the School is organised into three major interdisciplinary centres: the Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI), Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC) and Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD). Together these centres encompass the full spectrum of research in biological sciences, spanning investigations on the properties and behaviour of individual molecules to planetary environmental dynamics.

Biomedical Sciences Research Complex
World class innovative multi-disciplinary research focussed on the broad theme of infection and immunity
Centre for Biological Diversity
Advancing science that underpins the diversity of life
Scottish Oceans Institute
A key focus for research excellence in marine-related science



03 Oct 2014
CBD Seminar series: Gender, Science and Myths of Merit

Prof Marlene Zuk (University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences)
Lecture Theatre D, Bute: 11:00 AM, 03 Oct 2014
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09 Oct 2014
SOI seminar: Prof Colin Brownlee, Marine Biology Association, Plymouth and The University of Southampton

Prof Colin Brownlee (Marine Biology Association, Plymouth and The University of Southampton)
Gatty Lecture theatre, SOI: 1:00 PM, 09 Oct 2014
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15 Oct 2014
BSRC Seminar Series: Combining three dimensional imaging techniques to study cell morphogenesis in Trypanosoma brucei

Dr Sue Vaughan (Oxford Brookes University, Dept of Biological and Medical Sciences)
Lecture Theatre, BMS: 1:00 PM, 15 Oct 2014
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30 Oct 2014
SOI seminar: TBA

Kalliopi-Charitomeni (Popi) Gkikopoulou AND Simon Dailey ( )
Gatty Lecture theatre, SOI: 1:00 PM, 30 Oct 2014
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06 Nov 2014
SOI seminar: What have we learnt about ocean acidification and what is the way forward?

Prof Jean-Pierre Gattuso (Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche, France)
Gatty Lecture theatre, SOI: 1:00 PM, 06 Nov 2014
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