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4 year structured PhD position (funded)

There is a huge resource of biological recording data being collected by a wide range of people: for example, citizen scientists, specialist recording volunteers, scientific field data. These data contain... Read more →

One of our previous students Richard Cottrell  had his masters dissertation work published. His wife thought it was a bit impenetrable so she created this poem for his family. http://farcefacts.tumblr.com/ Read more →

Spitfire DTP NERC studentship

NERC DTP SPITFIRE PhD project, entitled “Climate change and changes in zooplankton biomass in the North Atlantic” Please find below the link to the studentship advert: http://noc.ac.uk/gsnocs/project/climate-change-changes-zooplankton-biomass-north-atlantic Information for applicants... Read more →

Graduation 2015

EMMS MSc students November 2015, celebrating their graduation day with family and friends. Congratulations!!

EMMS MSc Graduation 2015

EMMS MSc Graduation 2015

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EMMS student Guillermo Ortuno Crespo carried out his undergraduate project under the supervision of Dr. James Kraska, aiming to address some of the fundamental questions about the scope of authority of coastal states to regulate marine scientific research – involving the use of remote data-collection technologies, and in particular bio-logging of marine migratory species – in the waters under their jurisdiction. This resulted in a publication, a St Andrews seminar and at a well-received contribution by Guillermo at a workshop at the University of Hawaii School of Law in December 2014.

Guillermo Ortuno Crespo

Guillermo Ortuno Crespo






News from students following the Antarctic module can be found in their stunning blog

EMMS students in Antarctica

Photographer: Sonja Heinrich






And here is a coral reef fish from the Red Sea photographed by Aziz Mulla, during field work for his dissertation project with Maria Dornelas at St Andrews.

Photographer: Aziz Mulla

Photographer: Aziz Mulla







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