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Biology, biochemistry, biodiversity, and ecology are critically important subjects of increasingly broader significance throughout society.

Research and Teaching Staff and Students at the School of Biology are committed to engaging as widely as possible with schools, media, the public and business.

This site gives information about some of our previous, ongoing and future public and business engagement activities.

If you’d like to know more about Biological Science and our work here,
or tell us about what you thought about your experiences at public engagement events we’ve been involved in, please get in touch.

Engagement News

  • Teachers Together

    Teachers Together

    The School of Biology's Dr Gerald Prescott and Dr Jacqueline Nairn supported the Admissions team at the first 'On the Road' Teachers Together event at SAMS in Oban. Read More »
  • Art for Science Sake

    Art for Science Sake

    Professor Frank Gunn-Moore is opening a retrospective exhibition of art works by Samuel Robin Spark at the Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh, on Thursday 30th June in Edinburgh. Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to Alzheimer's disease research at the School of Biology, University of St Andrews. Read More »
  • BBC Dementia season

    BBC Dementia season

    Prof Frank Gunn-Moore of the School of Biology is appearing on 'Brainwaves' on BBC Radio Scotland this week, as part of the BBC's current season about living with dementia. Read More »
  • The Nature of Hummingbirds

    The Nature of Hummingbirds

    Dr Sue Healy of the School of Biology, and fellow researcher Andy Hurly from the University of Lethbridge have been filming a documentary about animal cognition in the wild for the prestigious nature series The Nature of Things. Read More »
  • BioBlitz 2016

    BioBlitz 2016

    St Andrews BioBlitz took place last week on Friday and Saturday. This is the third year of BioBlitz in St Andrews. This years’ event was attended by children from Crail and Greyfriars schools, home schoolers, volunteers from postgraduate and undergraduate courses, University staff, visiting specialists, and many enthusiastic members of the public... Read More »